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New Technology

Our preventive oriented care is backed up with the newest techniques and facilities available in the modern field of dentistry. When we're not spending time and attention on valuable patients, we're researching new technologies and procedures, and determining whether or not our patients will benefit from their usage. If we decide to incorporate a new tool, then we'll perform thorough research on safety and train ourselves accordingly, in order to ensure that these new techniques are completely safe for our patients.


There is great emphasis and concern in dentistry on sterilization procedures. The Statim is a type of sterilizer that works in only six minutes. Our regular autoclave takes 40 minutes for a cycle and our Statim is tested every month to ensure patient safety.

Micro Air Abrasion

This is a very exciting new technology. Micro air abrasion uses a stream of tiny abrasive particles to literally sweep away food debris, plaque, bacteria, stains, and decay within the tooth. Our patients really appreciate this conservative approach as an alternative to the drill with its noise and vibration. Anesthesia is rarely needed for incipient decay. This is especially important as dental medicine is changing.

Procera and Empress Restorations

For the first time, modern dentistry can restore teeth with restorations that are completely lifelike and natural looking. No "dark lines" at the gum line, no opaque or wrong color teeth, no silver-mercury amalgam fillings! These are wonderful restorations, but the placement of them is very technique sensitive. This means the dental team placing these restorations must follow every step very carefully and take the time these restorations require.

Soft Tissue Management-Rotadent-Prophy Jet-Arestin

We believe that your own teeth are better than any replacement. We, therefore, have a commitment to healthy gums. Our hygienists are trained to use the latest technology in gum treatment.